A Note On Airbnb's IPO Filling

Back in April, our team at Kähler Insights published a free post entitled ‘Could Airbnb Become Even Bigger Post COVID-19?’. We argued that the following are the key ingredients to pull off what we called Airbnb 2.0:

  • Capital

  • Time

  • Talent

The most viable option to achieve all of the above is for Airbnb to become a public company whilst it is still on its promising growth path. Our Kolmogorov IPO Score analysis assigned Airbnb a score of 65%, the second highest score, just behind Stripe. This suggests that growth type investors in our database are likely to be very excited about tapping into the company’s next growth phase, and would be willing to be patiently wait while the company to explores its new path in the post Covid travel era.

We also argued that the longer Airbnb stays private the harder it becomes to successfully IPO. In this situation, the company risks enabling close competitors the opportunity to seize the post-COVID-19 momentum.

Today, the company has finally filled confidential IPO paperwork! We look forward to reading their prospectus once it becomes available. This will also enable us to find out how far out our mathematical extrapolations are in regards to the company KPIs. This will afford us the chance to update the Kolmogorov IPO Score after the large institutional investors in our database have digested their prospectus.

On a positive note, we wish the founders, investors, management and staff at Airbnb all the success on their new adventure towards becoming a public a company.

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