Coinbase M&A Simulation

Could Facebook Snatch Coinbase?

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Here are two brief updates from Zaiku Capital:

Coinbase M&A Simulation: Could Facebook or a Chinese tech giant snatch Coinbase? In December 2019 post, Kahler Insights published a newsletter entitled ‘M&A Watch: Will Facebook Buy Coinbase?’. Recently, we have been getting some signals that when factored into our M&A simulation, it indicated a Facebook acquisition as the best outcome for Coinbase in terms of price tag! In second place, a Chinese tech giant leading the rest of the pack featured in the simulation. We'll be doing some extra analysis before sharing our updated predictions with you over the coming weeks after the US elections. This is because the dynamics of the current US & China geopolitics may play an important role in the prospects of Coinbase exiting to a Chinese tech giant!

Kähler Insights: As some of you already noticed, Kähler Insights is now part of Zaiku Capital, an upcoming quant investment firm leveraging advanced branches of pure mathematics and data engineering to generate winning strategies. Hence, you’ll be receiving all Kähler investment-related newsletters via Zaiku Capital. The newsletters will continue to cover both VC-backed tech companies and public tech companies, with special coverage on emerging deep-tech such as; Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and BioTech.

Finally, we’re still open to providing access to our data intelligence platform to select partners. However, this is subject to vetting for potential conflicts of interest with Zaiku Capital. Nevertheless, please feel free to fill out the following form if you would like to learn more about access to Kähler Insights Platform:

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