VC.X Newsletter #11 | December 2020

A brief note on Airbnb, Coinbase and other Unicorns.

Dear friends,

We would like to start with our deepest condolences to all of those who have lost loved ones and friends during this pandemic. This year has been so difficult for everyone on many levels, including; personal and professional.

As we head towards the end of the year, here are some brief notes for you:

Airbnb market cap prediction: As some of you may recall, back in November we wrote 'Airbnb IPO: Market Cap Prediction'. In this post, one of our prediction runs generated the following three possible results for Airbnb’s market cap for the first 14 days as a public company:

  • Bearish Sentiment: 29Bn - 43Bn (USD)

  • Bullish Sentiment: 68Bn - 81Bn (USD)

  • Super Bullish Sentiment: 93Bn - 121Bn (USD)

Well, as of today, Airbnb's current market cap is circa $94Bn i.e. within our 'Super Bullish Sentiment range! :) On a side note we wish the; founders, investors, management and staff at Airbnb continued success on their new adventure as public a company.

Upcoming IPO Pipelines: After the recent successful IPOs, it seems that other unicorns are tempted to join in the party! These include notable VC backed unicorns including; Coinbase, UiPath, Roblox and Affirm.

In this instance, rather than our team picking one of these companies for our free/public predictions, we would like you to choose which one you would want us to run our free modelling against! To take part, please fill out the following google form (p.s. it’s 100% anonymous):

Upon completion of the survey, we'll pick the unicorn that got the most votes and share with you our predictions of it’s first 90 days as a publicly traded company.

We wish you all a very safe & healthy festive season, and we'll hopefully see you in 2021 to share some new insights! :)

Zaiku Capital

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